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That is          events with a total of            miles, and a few DNFs
       which would add a few more miles, and not counting some non recognised

       distances, which are recorded in my records, but not included here.

       Unfortunately, my record keeping was not that thorough in the early years
       and I have lost the 1965 season’s records altogether, but gleaned a few
       results of that year from the clubs press cuttings and DLNs. The mystery
       years of 1976 -78 I have no records, but I am sure I rode the odd event here
       and there, not many, as we had just moved to Herne Bay (Oct 75) and our
       2 nd daughter was born in 1977.

       Having correlated this mass of figures seen below, I am left with the thought
      “what if Fred hadn’t given me that KWs entry form”? I would never have met
       so many terrific people over the years, many sadly now gone, from clubs all
       over the country. I hope I can continue for a few more years, for the bug truly

      All this I owe to the De
       Laune Cycling Club, won-
       derful  memories,  and
       apart  from  TTs,  there
       have been the club runs,
       socials,  and  of  course
       Darts!  I  made  a  wise
       decision back in 1958.

       So big thanks to all my
       old  club  mates,  many
       who  go  back  further
       than me, and long may
       our friendship continue.

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