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Yep that’s me, or soon will be. The 9 th January 1958 was my first visit to the
       Clubroom at the Nelson Institute in Walworth. We were taken there (I was
       with a workmate, Mike Steggles) by Martin Ferris, who I had got to know
       when riding around Nunhead. We were warmly welcomed by Ken Hill and that
       Sunday I was on my first clubrun. I went to meet Mike at the Elephant, but
       he didn’t show, so I rode to the Town Hall Brixton to meet the Club, not
       knowing anyone apart from Martin.

      When I think back I could have been a lamb going to the slaughter house, for
       here was I on my fairly heavy Claud Butler of a basic spec. Fortunately it was
       a steady ride, and as I know now everyone was on their heavy winter bikes.
      The club captain was Harry Thomas, who was a near neighbour of mine but I
       didn’t really know, (although I knew his younger brother Denis well). Also on
       the ‘run’ was Alan Constable who I vaguely knew from school days.

      The ride was to Sanderstead, to see a cyclo cross whatever that was! The
       club run rolled steadily through Croydon, left at the Swan and Sugarloaf and
       up towards Sanderstead I remember the climb (not sure where the race was
       held, Farthing Down? or more likely Riddlesdown). Having watched the race
       and seeing a bearded rider throwing a bucket of freezing cold water over his
       head to wash off the immense amount of caked mud he had accumulated
       during  the  race,  I  made  a  conscious  decision  right  there  and  then,  ‘this
       activity  was  not  for  me’.  The  bearded  rider  was  Don  Stone,  of  the  34
       Nomads. I was to find out later. My 1958 diary shows a mileage of 30 miles
       round trip.

      The following Thursday I paid my subs. £1.02.06d   and a little later 2/6d for
       a club badge. My membership acceptance date was the 28 th February and by
       that time I had been on two more clubruns, and survived! My 2 nd clubrun was
       to Burgh Heath for elevenses, lunch at Hook, back home at 4 o’clock, diary
       says 60 miles. The following week the run was to Windsor but I turned back

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