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Choumert Rd (we sold it a year later) with haggis, neeps, tatties and a bit
       of Scotch. Sadly I don’t think I attended this, or if I did, perhaps I don’t
       remember  it  because  of  the  Scotch.  If  anyone  does  remember  it,  I’d  be
       interested to hear.

       I’m quite excited that BC have just announced the National calendar for
       cyclo-cross next season. We will have one round of the National Trophy at
      Ardingly in Sussex, AND the National Championships will be at Cyclopark in
       Gravesend.  This is great news for the South-East region, as these events
       always used to be confined to places where black pudding is more widely

       If you’re not yet a cyclo-cross fan, you just have time before this season

       ends to see either the World Championships on live stream on 3 rd/4 February
       at , or travel down to Haywards
       Heath for the London & SE League Team Champs, also on the 4 . 15 years
       ago, cyclo-cross in the South-East was lucky to get 60-70 riders at an
       event. This season events have topped 400 riders on three occasions. A
       great way to stay warm on a winter’s day.

      And another way to stay warm is to go to Rollapaluza’s Condor London Club

       Roller Championships at the Peckham Liberal Club on 8 February. Looks like
       a good event.


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