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after elevenses at Sunbury. The diary says raining practically all the time so

       maybe the run was abandoned. Several weeks were to elapse and on the 16 th
       February I apparently rode with my work mate and Alan ( not Mr Rowe, more
       likely Alan Hales), met the club at a cafe somewhere and rode with them to
       Chobham and saw Bert Collins win the race (‘mass start’ says my diary) 60
       miles  ridden.  By  that  Sunday  I  had  gullibly  entered  the  Kentish  Wheelers
                                                             Novices  ‘25’  on  the
                                                            ‘invitation’  of  Fred
                                                             Peachey at the cost
                                                             of 3/1d.

                                                             Sunday  23 rd  March,
                                                             met 3.30am Brixton
                                                            Town Hall, rode down
                                                             to the G9 (Brighton
                                                             Road)  was  pushed
                                                             off at the 21 st London
                                                             milestone        on
                                                             Earlswood  Common
                                                             into  the  misty  un-
                                                             known    and    was
       turned at the ‘Cherry Tree’ and continued  until I saw a chequered flag. It was
       over but, I don’t remember saying never again. Mudguards back on, and over
       to Green Street Green, Dartford where Denis Tarr was to win the road race.
       90 miles were ridden that day according to the diary(checked this estimate
       out of interest, 98 miles, according to the AA route planner) The following
       week saw me riding the club ‘25’ again on the G9, and afterwards to Chobham
       for a second time, diary says it was raining. No record of who won that day
       (this time I recorded 100 miles in my diary, so fairly accurate).

       Little did I realise how hooked with this insane obsession of time trialing I
       would become. So here we are 60 years on having ridden      ‘10’s,    25’s,
          ‘15’s,    ‘30’s,   ‘50’s,  ‘100’s,   ’12 hours.

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