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It was A Happy New Years WALK.

      A few snaps from the New Year’s walk. A good time was had by all at the
      Three Horseshoes at Knockholt. A good bit of fun when Terri lost her shoe in
       the mud. This happened when she put her foot into a puddle that was about
       two foot deep in mud and sucked her shoe off. To her rescue came Mike with
       a lump of wood to dig it out. This took about 10 minutes. You will notice that
       we have only 8 people in the group. I should have been 15 but as it started
       to rain Dave and Maire and Pat Brown went off to find a cafe. Roy,Maureen
       and my Pat turned around at the first big puddle ! These people must be
       getting old !

      This was not a De Laune event but as it has come very popular over the last
       few years I will make a social event for the club next year.


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