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Imitation - the best form of flattery

       Disappointing to see the classic and tasteful AG2R kit design & colours -
       clearly modelled on that of a certain quality South London club (probably
       saw Christian in Tour of Flanders sportive or their designer is an avid DLN
       reader, looking for performance improvement hints etc) - languishing so far
       down in the "Likes" list in's World tour kit poll. Especially as
       so many other World tour team kits are, to be blunt, horrible! Hopefully some
       of you added your votes by the 5th Jan closing date to move it up to its
        rightful first place..

                               Open 10

          A reminder that the Open 10 is earlier in the season this year.

           It's going to be a nice spring afternoon on the Isle of Grain.
          The date for your diary is 28th April.

           Please support the Club's open event by either riding or
           volunteering. I have some offers of help but still need more.
           Please contact me.

          Thanks Debbie Valentine (

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