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Catford Hill Climb 2016

As usual I went to the Catford Hill Climb, not only to stand on the hill and
give a shout to the riders, but also in anticipation of meeting up with ‘blasts
from the past,’ and this year I was not disappointed. On meeting up with
Royboy and Alan we were approached by an old club member in the shape
of Alaric Lester. Debbie & Mick joined us and said they had been in touch
with Garry Birch (who was over from the States with his wife Linda, staying
with his Mum in Hythe) and he was coming. I went in search of him at the
top of the hill, but he found me first and surprise, surprise, with him was twice
winner of the ‘Catford,’ Matt Goodes and also Mum, Rose. It was good to
see you all. Garry tells me they are moving back to the UK, next year and
is looking to live in the Folkestone area. Not far from the Betteshanger circuit
near Deal, so hope to see you there Garry!

Many years ago we had a pink page for news of old members, I think Frank
Holland started it, and the above was the sort of news that it contained. I am
not suggesting we have a ‘pink page’ but it would be good if members who
meet up with past and present members who we see little of, wrote to the
DLN, sharing their news. (Best I can do for you Malcolm, Ed)

I will start it off. E mail from Chris Chalet who rejoined us last year (a Jack
Young club run regular and my tandem partner) to say he intends to come to
the Richmond Park Christmas Social Ride.

Also another E mail this year from an old member from the sixties, Dave Rata,
he was a workmate of mine and this year returned from Cyprus where he
lived for many years. Dave joined us in the early to mid sixties. He was one
of the Isle of Wight weekend regulars, which Jack Young organised. He raced
for several seasons but left us to join Army. He now lives in Eastbourne and
is getting out on his bike 4 times a week.

Yesterday (21st October) Lyn & I went to see Barbara Waller and Vi & Geoff
Sinnett. We lunched in the Jacobean Barn, Hall Place, Bexley, and spent an
enjoyable afternoon with them and caught up with latest news and of course


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