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              Garry Birch
23rd Oct.ยท Dublin, CA, United States

On todays team ride i notified the riders that Linda and I are moving to
England in the very near future, so we can take care of my mum, who is not
doing so well.

The FFBC, Team Fremont and the Norcal cycling community has been a BIG
part of my life since I arrived in 1997 and I have made many many great friends
who I will miss greatly.

I am hoping to get out on as many rides between now and our departure to
make the most of riding in this wonderful part of the world with all you great
people. I'll see you on the road.

Will Garry rejoin the De Laune this is just the type of person we need in the

club, he has been a great leader of the     But it
may mean that we have to relocate in Kent.

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