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       Published February 1915 to April 1919

During this time the Budget was published weekly for 220 week and they were
all hand written, I have just made the first 13 issue available on line at the
following link. The idea for the Budget was to keep in touch with the club
members in the armed forces.

 hey are much easier to read on line as they can be enlarged, but it is a very
slow process to scan, convert to pdf and publish to the web. However I am
prepared to do this if they are of interest to the members, so if you would
like me to continue please let me know.

If you have a problem in opening the link just let me know and I will share it
with you another way.

                          20th November
      The George will be open for Coffee from 09.00

                   Church Service at 10.30
              If you are going to stay for lunch
     Please let Malcolm Adams know well in advance

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