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This competition is for club events only (including our Open events). Once
again only two qualifiers, so as with the Vets comp, this is final result, un-
less someone knows differently.

To qualify you must have ridden at least one ‘10’ and one ‘25’ and the

handicap is based on best rides against the current and Last Three Seasons


Richard Preece

10 Miles       26mins 32secs (15 reduced to10 mile event)  22.6131 mph

25 Miles 1hr10mins 23secs (Fred Peachey Mem.)              21.3119 mph

                      Average speed 21.9625 mph

(As Richard had no qualifying rides his are based on his Vets Standards)

10 Miles       26mins 27secs                               22.6843 mph
                                                           22.3048 mph
25Miles 1hr 07mins 15secs

                Average speed 22.4946mph

                    Minus .5321 mph

David Haggart

10Miles       26mins 00secs (Open ‘10’)                    23.0769 mph
25 Miles  1hr10mins 25secs (Fred Peachey Mem.)             21.4031 mph

                              Average speed 22.24 mph

Best Current and LTS

10Miles       24mins 13secs                                24.7763 mph
25Miles   1hr 01mins 50secs                                24.2588 mph

                Average speed 24.5176 mph

                  Minus 2.2776 mph

Congratulations to David, Richard & Alan, also to Royboy who also added
another age 79 record, continuing from last year with a 1hr.11mins 39secs
which is also a Kent Vets record.

Roy, Alan, don’t forget to claim the Kent records with
their recorder, Ian Turner.

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