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Now that the club have approved the registration of the design of club kit
with British Cycling an order for stock will be placed in the next few weeks.
Clearly this will be a sizeable outlay however no expenditure on the purchase
of additional Giordana kit has been made during 2013. There remains a
few items of the Giordana kit available for purchase, mainly jerseys, shorts
and skinsuits. The full list is included in the Clothing Officers report and
also on the website.

Hope you and Marjorie are well
and had a good holiday - wherever
you travelled to this year.
First of all, so sad to hear about
dear old Bill, will always remember
him being a stalwart of the Club,
always helpful to us all, good
memories of him and Doreen. ME & MY NEW BIKE
Hope Newnham was well
attended, I thought of Club members on the day and remembered how we
all used to stand outside the church, the poppy wreath laid by whoever was
president at the time, as we all thought of our 'lost lads'.
It will be Belgium Night soon, I once again, will remember the good times
on that evening - lots of laughs, good menu provided by our great chef Cliff
and the National Anthems of many different countries were played which
had us all 'up and down' from our seats, one of Kav's many jokes, helped by
So when I think of you all enjoying yourselves together I will sit on my
balcony in the sun overlooking the Adelaide Hills and raise a glass or two,
say "cheers De Laune old friends - miss you all"!

Happy Xmas to you all. Sorry I can't send cards to you all but I'm thinking
of you.
Keep fit in the New Year.

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