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Secretary’s Report - Tony

The following notes are purely a précis of discussions at the October
Committee meeting and are intended to keep all members informed of what
is happening on committee and how the club is being run.

Those members visiting Herne Hill from now on will notice two splendid
banners advertising the club. Banner were designed by George Lewis and
their placement was arranged by Bill Wright. Many thanks to these
gentlemen. Everyone felt that it was money well spent, clearly there will
be an annual rental cost to the Herne Hill Trust but at least it will keep
our name prominent in a popular venue.

We have tried to keep everyone involved with celebrations for our 125 th
anniversary event. Apart from the usual OMA functions, open and club
events other opportunities to celebrate will be available. A one off
additional championship will be organised – the 125 mile championship.
Compiled of 6 events the distance of which will total 125 miles. This
championship will be in addition to all other regular BAR events and
championships. I will leave Jayne to expand on this through these pages
and the website in due course.

Malcolm volunteered to organise a clubrun around the Newnham lanes, with
a possible walk around Newnham lanes with a lunch at The George. It is
hoped that this will appeal to a good number of clubfolk.

Rollapaluza night in a hall in the Nunhead/Dulwich area with invitations
being sent to local clubs.

A possible Track Meeting either at Herne Hill or the Olympic Track in
Stratford to be to be considered.

All activities will be compiled into one complete programme and advertised
Attendees for the SCCU AGM in January were named as Roy Savery and
Jeremy White. Christian Rudolf would represent the club at the SERRL
AGM on 23 November.

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